Ligéey is Amadou Diagne’s third album and was released on Long Tale Recordings on 14th August, 2015.

On Ligéey, Amadou sings from the heart in this beautiful, soulful record. Stories inspired by his early life in Senegal and his last decade in the UK wind their way through the songs, and Wolof proverbs sit comfortably in a modern context. His songs tell stories of finding and using his voice, nurturing his gifts, and working hard to support himself and his family. The messages are simultaneously challenging and comforting.

Ligéey is the Wolof word for ‘work’ and Amadou uses it in his musical world to mean ‘practice’ and ‘working together’. In Ligéey, Amadou chose to work with artists from a wide range of cultural and musical backgrounds, led by the Israeli/British platinum and gold winning producer, Mark Smulian. The result of these collaborations is a powerful album that moves the soul and works beautifully.