REVIEWS AND INTERVIEWS logo brand (1)  ★★★★”Ligéey is distinguished by sonic detailing: the swish of percussion that opens “Sam Fall”; the electric guitar dancing up front on “Fouta”; the whistled verses of “Don’t Leave Me”; the street sounds before “Don’t Be Afraid” kicks into life and guttural vocals pan all over the spectrum. There are desert blues here, but all other kinds of Senegalese music as well. By rights, the gentle sway of the title track would make it a surprise summer hit.”

fRoots September 2015 – review by Rick Sanders


fROOTS logo issue no. 389 – November 2015 – Fouta from Liggéey was included on the fRoots free CD compilation.

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Amadou Diagne’s interview with BBC Focus on Africa talking to presenter Bola Mosuro about the musical journey that resulted in the album Ligéey, broadcast on 18/08/2015.

Marie Lennon BBC Wiltshire RadioAmadou Diagne’s interview on BBC Wiltshire talking to presenter Marie Lennon about Ligéey, broadcast on 13/08/2015.



Praise for Yakar (released 2013)

“Honey-smoked vocals …Plaintive, acoustic and brimming with an unhurried assurance.”
Jamie Renton, fROOTS Magazine no.361, July 2013

“Stand out new West African release of the year made by UK resident Amadou Diagne. Exceptional music making that matches such as Baaba Maal and Salif Keita at their best, framed with innovative & unique fiddle scribble and arrangements by producer Griselda Sanderson”.
Chris Potts

Ian Anderson, fROOTS editor

“Plaintive, acoustic and brimming with an unhurried assurance”

“Startlingly good!”

“Diagne’s hushed, smoky voice and unhurried acoustic guitar is accompanied by striking string arrangements and elegant, sophisticated production…lifted up by quite stunning violin accompaniment by Griselda Sanderson. Indeed her string arrangements, combining hints of Celtic melody, a swirl of Egyptian classicism and the sound of the Swedish nyckelharpa, are outstanding throughout”.  ★★★★
Nigel Williamson, Songlines issue 95, October 2013.

‘A highlight of this year’s Golowan Festival in Penzance was the show from Griselda Sanderson and Amadou Diagne, who performed to one of this year’s largest audiences. The complement of nyckelharpa and West African melody and rhythm was delicious, and warmly received. Months later people are still talking about this gig! We hope to see them again soon in West Cornwall.’

Amanda Pickering, Golowan Festival booker 2012